Is your job making you fat?

It’s Monday morning in the office and Sue has brought in a tasty pack of Krispy Kremes and Kev from accounts has brought in a bag of hot, freshly made millie’s cookies.

The smell of burgers and chips in the staff room is overwhelming.

Your’e cornered in the prison of temptation.

Panic sets in.
You were SUPPOSED to start your diet today
‘Oh go on Jane, one wont kill you’ mutters Anne. So you think … ‘what the hell’
One esculate’s into two, and the next thing you know your licking the bag clean.


Well Anne was right. ONE WONT KILL YOU.

However.. have you ever head the phrase ‘one bad meal wont make you fat, but one good meal wont make you thin?’

Now I’m hear to introduce you to a magical power called self restraint or talent even

So how do you acquire this magical power called self restraint I hear you ask?

Well, my friends.. that is what I am hear to teach you

I am here to make you the master of willpower, the queen of self restraint..
Or king.

1. Wait 10mins.. desire has a tendency to come and go… wait it out. It WILL pass

2. Visualize… imagine a thinner/more toned version of you, how does it look? How does it feel? What would people say to you?

3. Talk to yourself- Repeat after me.. that cookie youve wanted for 5 minutes or that body you’ve dreamed and fantasized about for the last 10years?

Swap the cookies for a healthier alternative
your blood sugar levels are probably low meaning your more likely to crave sugar to stabilise them. Some complex carbs are an ideal way of doing this… try to opt for wholegrain carbs over white as they are higher in fiber. A sandwich/pasta dish will keep you fuller for longer and be a hell of a lot more nutritious. (Word to the wise.. TRY, to prepare these yourself so you know whats in it)

6. Line up your army.
Never get caught without food… if you know your likely to make unhealthy food choices, then you need to be armed with fruit, nuts, low fat yogurt, homemade sandwiches/soups/jacket potatoes and beans….

7. DRINK.. no not vodka. Water, silly.
Yes I know its a boring tip, and youv’e probably heard it over and over.. but this is A KEY WEIGHT LOSS TIP.
Most cravings are a result of dehydration. Need I say more?

If all these tactics fail… don’t be hard on yourself… REMEMBER: The road to success is pathed with failures. Behind every successful person are years of unsuccess

Also take a moment to think about this craving..
WHY are you craving?

Tired? How much sleep did you get last night? F*** all? OMG THE HORROR. Your poor body!!

Bored? Distract yourself.. I myself love to read, google research , watch youtube tutorials, or clean..hey at least you’ll be more productive

Hungry? When was the last time you ate… WHAT?! You haven’t eaten yet, smack your bottom.. you silly sausage, who said fasting was the best sustainable to lose weight?
Have you ever met a slim 4 life person who didn’t eat? HELL NO.

Slim people are the same as fat people. Well. Kind of. We just have mastered the art of self restraint. Okay, I can see you shaking your head in horror and disgust, disagreeing with me.
We’d loveeeeeeeeeeee to binge on an entire bag of cookies, but NO we say to ourselves.. one will have to do. We haven’t denied ourselves completely.. but we also haven’t eaten ourselves til we felt sick or started crying or felt disgusting.

We’d love to have 6 doughnuts, but we’ll go with one or 2… why? Because we love our slim bods too much to gorge.
Okay, Ill let you in on a little secret.. sometimes we binge. SOME TIMES.. ALMOST NEVER THOUGH.

I’ll leave you with this one key statistic.. people who are exposed to less temptation have stronger willpower…. Think about it. If you didn’t go to the pub every day, or walk past greggs , you’d probably be less likely to eat pasties and burgers..

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